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Friday, Oct 8, 2021   
Award Winner
Absolutely Stunning  Spades (8 stuns)
Air Strike  jorp (14 kills with air strike)
Amputator  Sirjoe (2 kills with amputator)
Apoco-Fists  Rabbi Neufeld (9 kills with apocofists)
Atomizer  Upwardsnak (1 kills with atomizer)
AWPer Hand  Mr.Fluffy (51 kills with awp)
Axe Man  Getsum (1 kills with fireaxe)
Axtinguisher  Bunger (real) (1 kills with axtinguisher)
Baby Face's Blaster  Kim Jong-Un (3 kills with brawlerblaster)
Back Scratcher  Simple Hell (7 kills with back scratcher)
Backburner  GVO. Samurai Pizza Cat :3 (189 kills with backburner)
Backstab Kills  ◆ Turret (184 Most backstab kills)
Baseball Player  Seller of Waffles (16 kills with bat)
Bat Outta Hell  disengage (10 kills with skullbat)
Bazaar Bargain  Seller of Waffles (15 kills with bazaar bargain)
Beggar's Bazooka  Seller of Waffles (13 kills with dumpster device)
Best Latency  Judge_Duck (11 ms average connection)
Best Sentryguns - Level 1  Dicken's Cider (25 kills with sentrygun (level 1))
Best Sentryguns - Level 2  Dicken's Cider (18 kills with sentryguns (level 2))
Best Sentryguns - Level 3  Dicken's Cider (34 kills with sentryguns (level 3))
Best Sentryguns - Mini  炸鸡craigBingChilling信用诀 (47 kills with sentryguns (mini))
Best Sniper  cashworks4tenton (111 snipings as sniper)
Big Earner  {MeTaL} Rage (47 kills with big earner)
Black Box  wize (8 kills with black box)
Bleed Kill  Professor_Frink (1 bleed kills)
Blutsauger  Chance (3 kills with blutsauger)
Boston Basher  Bunger (real) (3 kills with boston basher)
Brass Beast  myspace + hijacker (20 kills with brass beast)
Bushwacka  Dicken's Cider (11 kills with bushwacka)
C.A.P.P.E.R  Bunger (real) (1 kills with capper)
Candy Cane  KIDxTHUNDA (2 kills with candy cane)
Captures Blocked  Rabbi Neufeld (29 captures blocked)
Claidheamohmor  goobiN (2 kills with claidheamohmor)
Connivers's Kunai  GumCuzzler69 (69 kills with conniver's kunai)
Conscientious Objector  Grinchornet (2 kills with conscientious objector)
Cow Mangler 5000  tinsel_derp (8 kills with cow mangler)
Crossing Guard  cashworks4tenton (8 kills with crossing guard)
Crusader's Crossbow  pot (10 kills with crusader's crossbow)
Decapitation  cashworks4tenton (1 kills with decapitation)
Degreaser  Saint NICKlepickle (8 kills with degreaser)
Detonator  kixy (2 kills with detonator)
Diamondback  GumCuzzler69 (13 kills with diamondback)
Disciplinary Action  LUDWIG THE SNOWMAN (9 kills with disciplinary action)
Doctor's Certificate  Cloud ♥ (12 kills with bonesaw)
Dominator  Boone! (60 dominations)
Enforcer  TheMrMan (1 kills with enforcer)
Eureka Effect  Will Chill (4 kills with eureka effect)
Eviction Notice  GEOCOIN (1 kills with eviction notice)
Family Business  FKA Suspicious Fishus (2 kills with family business)
Fencing  Bunger (real) (1 kills with fencing)
Fire Spitter  HolidayYakka (108 kills with flamethrower)
Fists of Steel  shark bot (1 kills with fists of steel)
Flags Captured  KIDxTHUNDA (5 flags captured)
Flags Defended  Kotsuzui (4 flags defended)
Flare Gunner  frilly: spaghetti catastrophe (4 kills with flare gun)
Flying Guillotine  Bunger (real) (1 kills with guillotine)
Force-A-Nature  KIDxTHUNDA (25 kills with force-a-nature)
Frontier Justice  Rocker (7 kills with frontier justice)
Frying Pan  FreshMeat (27 kills with frying pan)
Gloves of Running Urgently  Stomper (2 kills with gloves of running urgently)
Golden Frying Pan  likethecure (8 kills with golden fryingpan)
Grenade Launcher  Elmo on Crack (39 kills with grenade launcher)
Gunman  Judge_Duck (79 kills with minigun)
Gunslinger  wildchee (7 kills with gunslinger)
Half-Zatoichi  cashworks4tenton (23 kills with half-zatoichi)
Ham Shank  goobiN (5 kills with ham shank)
Headshot Kills  cashworks4tenton (65 Most headshot kills)
Holiday Punch  Judge_Duck (2 kills with holiday punch)
Home Run  8TempesT8 (1 kills with home run)
Huo-Long Heater  Dam_It (3 kills with huo-Long heater)
Hwg Shotgun  disengage (1 kills with shotgun hwg)
Iron Bomber  Merry CritzMagnet (93 kills with iron bomber)
Iron Curtain  Return To Monke (30 kills with iron curtain)
Jag  Kill_the_Bug (3 kills with jag)
Kamikaze  toss (1 kills with kamikaze)
Kill Assists  Judge_Duck (140 kill assists)
Kill Assists - Medic  ImDaMario (155 medic kill assists)
Knife Maniac  Dalvy (5 knifings)
L'Etranger  wize (12 kills with l'etranger)
Liberty Launcher  toss (4 kills with liberty launcher)
Loch-n-Load  Elmo on Crack (5 kills with loch-n-load)
Longest Death Streak  Sovd (20 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  twerkyjerky (20 kills)
Longest Play Time  Mama G$ (Swissy) (05:28:52h hours)
Loose Cannon  jorp (16 kills with loose cannon)
Lugermorph  toss (12 kills with lugermorph)
Machina  TeflonDon (4 kills with machina)
Mantreads  pot (2 kills with mantreads)
Market Gardener  pot (16 kills with market gardener)
Medic Killer  GVO. Samurai Pizza Cat :3 (33 medic kills)
Medics Defended  Judge_Duck (33 medics defended)
Most Deaths  GVO. Samurai Pizza Cat :3 (276 deaths)
Most Improved Player  GumCuzzler69 (17,780 points gained)
Most Kills  炸鸡craigBingChilling信用诀 (255 kills)
Most Points Healed  Chance (89,692 points healed)
Most Suicides  Bunger (real) (28 suicides)
Most Valuable Player  ◆ Turret (4 wins as mvp)
Natascha  IntegraL BirtH (14 kills with natascha)
Nessie's Nine Iron  Grinchornet (3 kills with nessieclub)
Panic Attack  yung elf arya (7 kills with panic attack)
Persian Persuader  Upwardsnak (1 kills with persian persuader)
Phlogistinator  jesus is god (34 kills with phlogistinator)
Pistol  炸鸡craigBingChilling信用诀 (10 kills with pistol)
Player Extinguished  Defective Medic (88 players extinguished)
Player Teleported  Dicken's Cider (241 players teleported)
Points Captured  cashworks4tenton (20 points captured)
Powerjack  bird man (4 kills with powerjack)
Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol  jorp (4 kills with pep-pistol)
Primary Shotgun  ραριι (10 kills with shotgun primary)
Puncher  bird man (1 kills with fists)
Quickiebomb Launcher  ραριι (6 kills with quickiebomb launcher)
Rainblower  kixy (9 kills with rainblower)
Rescue Ranger  likethecure (1 kills with rescue ranger)
Reserve Shooter  goobiN (2 kills with reserve shooter)
Revenger  GVO. Samurai Pizza Cat :3 (15 revenges)
Rocket Launcher  Cloud ♥ (90 kills with rocket launcher)
Scattergunner  toss (103 kills with scattergun)
Scottish Handshake  Upwardsnak (8 kills with scottish handshake)
Scout Pistol  xen (3 kills with scout pistol)
Shahanshah  ProngBastard (6 kills with shahanshah)
Sharpened Volcano Fragment  Dirty No Good Low Down (15 kills with sharpened volcano)
Shooting Star  Dam_It (7 kills with shooting star)
Short Circuit  Dicken's Cider (1 kills with short circuit)
Showdown  Upwardsnak (1 kills with showdown)
Soda Popper  B00Kah (3 kills with soda popper)
Soldier Shotgun  Cloud ♥ (8 kills with shotgun soldier)
Solemn Vow  pot (2 kills with solemn vow)
Southern Hospitality  Dicken's Cider (1 kills with southern hospitality)
Splendid Screen  cashworks4tenton (3 kills with splendid screen)
Spy Power  ◆ Turret (266 objects killed as spy)
Spy-cicle  wize (10 kills with spy-cicle)
Stickybomb Launcher  Judge_Duck (64 kills with stickybomb launcher)
Sydney Sleeper  ProngBastard (22 kills with sydney sleeper)
The Ambassador  Elmo on Crack (3 kills with ambassador)
The Classic  Bunger (real) (3 kills with the classic)
The Direct Hit  jorp (23 kills with direct hit)
The Escape Plan  炸鸡craigBingChilling信用诀 (3 kills with escape plan)
The Eyelander  ραριι (4 kills with sword)
The Huntsman  ProngBastard (31 kills with sniper bow)
The Killing Gloves of Boxing  buddhaboy (8 kills with gloves of boxing)
The Original  xen (39 kills with original)
The Sandman  ChonkeeMonkee (1 kills with sandman)
The Scottish Resistance  Dam_It (4 kills with scottish resistance)
Tomislav  FreshMeat (67 kills with tomislav)
Ubercharger  Jerry (79 ubercharges)
Ubercharges (Kritzkrieg)  Turkey Bacon (16 ubercharges (kritzkrieg))
Ubercharges (Medi Gun)  Chance (34 ubercharges (medi gun))
Ubercharges (Quick-Fix)  Grinchornet (1 ubercharges (quick-fix))
Ubercharges (Vaccinator)  pot (177 ubercharges (vaccinator))
Ubersawer  Mama G$ (Swissy) (9 kills with ubersaw)
Ullapool Caber  Elmo on Crack (1 kills with ullapool caber)
Ullapool Caber Explosion  Merry CritzMagnet (1 kills with caber explosion)
Vita-Saw  goobiN (1 kills with vita-saw)
Warrior's Spirit  Jintoas (3 kills with warrior's spirit)
Widowmaker  炸鸡craigBingChilling信用诀 (170 kills with widowmaker)
Winger  xen (3 kills with winger)
Wrangler  Judge_Duck (2 kills with wrangler)
Wrap Assassin  Spoon1 (6 kills with wrap assassin)
Your Eternal Reward  wize (60 kills with eternal reward)